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The year was 1994 and, having just begun a journey into the world of computers, we were ready for all the new possibilities in that world.  We had headed north to a favorite resort for some fishing and R&R.  The owners had recently been convinced that they should have a website, purchased the design of one and were — hopefully —  on their way to become wealthy because of it.

Looking at the site, we quickly decided that “we can do better than that”.  Fast forward to 1998 and, a business plan literally jotted down on a bar napkin, resulted in numerous attempts at designing websites with unfamiliar software (and a few failures) – in the early days – we built our first “real” website… for those same resort owners. 

Long story very short, that site allowed the owners to sell their resort for a great deal more than they had expected.  And we were on our way to a 20+ year successful business venture that has allowed us to design more than three dozen websites (a few of which are highlighted below) that have all been very successful for their owners, as well as for Northern Sky Designs.

After numerous “lessons”, several iterations of website software, hosting companies and servers… and several more lessons that involved update after update, we are still here… successful, waiting & wanting to help you “bring more business to your business”.  That’s what we do best here at Northern Sky Designs, where you can concentrate on your business and we will concentrate on the rest!

Visit Rice Lake screenshot

Launched in late June of 2022, the newest addition to the Northern Sky Designs website portfolio is a site that invites visitors to not only visit the city located in the heart of the Northwoods, but to experience the restaurants, hotels and businesses that thrive there and around that general area.

Lawn care service in the northern portion of Illinois is an extremely competitive business with numerous companies vying for both residential and commercial customers.  After discussing the company’s goals , Pro-Care decided that it was time to add a professional web design component to their business model.

It has been an incredible success story! In addition to a website, Pro-Care added 1) a dedicated Facebook page, 2) a Google Business page and 3) regularly scheduled Social Media posts. The business continues to add new clients on a daily basis, boasting a 30% increase in client-base.

The newest edition to the Northern Sky Designs portfolio is a website that highlights a dog breeder in northwest Wisconsin.

TK Kennel brings together Thor (the male) and Blue Baby (the female) in one of the finest Northwoods breeding facilities in order to produce family-friendly American Pit Bull Terriers.

These dogs have great temperament, intelligence, loyalty and obedience, as well as gentleness. They are affectionate, loving and kind, and truly make outstanding companions and family members, especially noted for their love of children.

All connected by a beautiful and serene walking and bike trail – oftentimes located on both sides of the scenic Fox River, Three valley towns are, individually and collectively, a paradise for diners and shoppers alike. 

There was almost unlimited potential to bring more business to this already-enchanted area; all that was needed was the perfect website as an accompaniment. As one of the earliest iterations of Northern Sky Designs websites,  On the Fox was born. Getting its start in 1998, it has remained one of the longest-running and successful sites in the more than three dozen that the company has created.

On the Lake is a website born out of the love for the outdoors.  It is chock-full of useful information on boating, fishing, lakes to visit, how-to articles and much more.  There are also plenty of tried and true recipes to keep your appetite busy!

And if that’s not enough, try reading about a few of our Road Trips, Excursions and Weekend Getaways for some travel ideas.

The website is also intended to help in your search to find just the right place for you and your family to relax and have fun on your vacation. Combine that vacation with the natural beauty and serenity of the North Country and it will provide an experience and memories that are hard to beat and will last a lifetime.

With 20,000 visitors a month and over 12,000 followers on Facebook, this website is tightly connected to its social audience. Followers are often actively engaged on social media, which creates a unique online community.

This website was created out of the love of architecture and Wright’s lifelong work.  It was also intended to provide fellow Frank Lloyd Wright enthusiasts an online guide for learning about and visiting the homes and buildings he designed and some of the notable designs of FLW apprentices.

Finding someone to teach you about the game of golf and how it is played is fairly easy to do… if you know how to properly do the search…  Making that search easy is the task taken on by the right web design company.  Northern Sky Designs accepted the challenge handed us by one of the best PGA Pro golf instructors in the business.  He has been teaching golf since 1981 and is a favorite of hundreds of golfers — from age 8 to age 80+.

I have the facilities, the equipment, the time and the ability to help you become the golfer you want to be.”

Whether you want to hone your putting skills, short game or ability to drive a straighter tee-shot — even if you’re just getting started — call today to set up a time. I look forward to working with you!

No matter the occasion — and whether its a family or class reunion, a golf outing or just a small get-together for a meal — it’s always best to provide a place where all the information is available for those who plan to attend.

Northern Sky Designs has built purpose-specific websites for all of the above examples; the outings in each and every case have been nothing shy of super-successful.

Thinking about planning an event?  Give us a call.  Better yet just visit our main website (NorthernSkyDesigns.com) and fill out the form to get a free quote!


Originally started in 2004, On the Pacific is all about seeking new restaurants, wineries, beaches and wonderful, welcoming places on the west coast of California. In fact, it’s all about any place on the pacific that creates unforgettable memories…

Whether you hail from the East Coast, the Midwest or are a long-time resident of the state of California, enjoy our forays and perhaps even suggest destinations of which we have not yet thought.

So many things to do, so many places to go, so little time!  So, join us… On the pacific.

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